The Asosiacion A.A. in the ecological market in the axarquía

mercadillo ecologio axarquía

A year ago our Tibetan teacher, Khenpo Lama Ngedön, on return from one of his trips to The Karmapa International Buddhist Institute, KIBI, asked us to help support the Karmapa Education Center in Kalimpong to help build and maintain the new school. From the Association Amistad en Armonia several ideas arose and since last February one of them leads to a decision that wins more and more importance.

What began as a dream has taken shape in a stall you can visit every Saturday at the Ecological Market in Vivero el Algarrobo. The work is led by, a member of the Asosiacion Amistad en Armonia, and whose work lies in selling two varieties of cookies baked with natural products, the ingredients donated from members of the association. In addition to cookies she also sells some small objects imported from Tibet and Nepal and so representing our association to all who come. Every Saturday our collegue, who has been given a free stall by the organizers of the market and is so, also able to raise money for our Dharma shop. This little project is winning more and more presence and the effort is rewarded with the satisfaction of a job well done and the dream of contributing to the Karmapa Education Center in Kalimpong.

People visiting the market are attracted to Tibetan flags and ask a lot of questions about Karmapa she says. It is very interesting to share information about the education center, the stupa, Buddha, the association, the meaning of the Tibetan flags, practices and the different Buddhas, she tells us enthusiastically, and continues that this interpersonal way of sharing is very rewarding because It is easier to connect with the whole education center project when information is transmitted in such a relaxed atmosphere.

The organic market in Vivero el Algarrobo is located at Ctra. A-356, Km. 39, Cruce de Canillas, La Viñuela and is a permanent Ecological Market open every Saturday. It is situated below the stupa belonging to the center Karma Guen, and therefore there are always Buddhists living in the area that come by and it is very gratifying to have small chats and exchange knowledge and any other interesting activity’s that are scheduled says our colleague. The Cookies can in addition now also be purchased in a health food store, El Cuenco, located in the town of Fuengirola. The ecological market promotes different offers from other local produces that are worth being visited.

We would also like to say thank you to the Stupa in Benalmadena who have supported us during events and let us sell the Karmapa cookies in the Stupa Cafe.

Our teacher Lama Khenpo Ngedön, and all members of the Asosiacion Amistad en Armonia, would like to convey their deepest appreciation to all those who every Saturday visit our stall and acquire products which Tiziana so lovingly prepares. For those of you who share a bit of talk and exchange of knowledge, our gratitude likewise, and for all those who have not yet visited, drop by: as it’s a fantastic place to visit and a unique opportunity to collaborate with the Karmapa Education Center in Kalimpong.

The Asosiacion A.A. in the ecological market in the axarquía
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