Meditation and Silence Retreat Experience Recently updated!

The best way to convey this experience is by letting you read what some participants have lived on this retreat.

I will give an account here of what some participants have sent me:

Testimonial of 2 participants:

Let me begin by saying that the participants came from different countries, England, Poland, Germany, Colombia, Cuba, France and from different areas in Spain like Madrid, Basque Country, Cadiz, Cordoba, Barcelona, ​​Canary Islands and Malaga.

retiro-16Khenpo-la highlighted both at the beginning and at the end of the retreat, the fact that coming from such diverse places and having the conditions to experience this spiritual activity together it was our karma that united us, in these days of meditation, silence and shared knowledge.

It was impressive for me to experience the growing connection among the participants which was developed during the retreat. The silence was rigorously respected nonetheless there was a more pure and clear communication through looks and smiles.

Accentuating, the good atmosphere of friendship, harmony and respect, which we have experienced in these three days. Despite being a group of people that had not known each other previously, the coexistence has been remarkable. Virtually everyone helped by doing karma yoga, either by cleaning bathrooms, and other common areas like the kitchen and dining room.
One of the things most appreciated by the participants was the wonderful food with which the kitchen team and its chef, volunteers of AAA, delighted us. Vegetarian food especially sought out from Khenpo for this type of retreat. We were all able to witness how vegetarian food apart from being healthy is also very delicious.

The site has been wonderful for this kind of retreat. The walking meditation activity was held in a beautiful setting, surrounded by nature. We felt part of it, as the participants stood in silence and sometimes the only thing we heard was birdsong, the wind, and our breath.

Khenpo-La´s teachings on the introduction to meditation were followed by all with great enthusiasm because of its valuable content.
Khenpo called participants in pure Tibetan style, sounding a gong before the teachings and the bell for food. At all times, the teacher had a close approach to his students.

When evening came, the last meeting being at 9 pm, fatigue could be seen on the faces. We had meditated about 8 hours. We got up at 6 am and started meditation at7 am.

It´s needless to say how wonderful the sunsets were from this privileged site, those can be seen on the photos.

Some were inspired and made some Tai-Chi postures, others tightrope walking and others thinking of Amitabha, etc. We met people from all walks of life from different places, different professions, with different ways of seeing life. But we all had something in common we are all seekers on a spiritual path.
At dusk, almost dusk, when the kitchen team threw the organic kitchen waste in a designated space in front of the house, a herd of wild boars came every late afternoon with their young to eat. Even a fox appeared and ate until the wild boars came.
All Guided sessions by Khenpo-la, have been accompanied by the songs that he has composed especially for this, as he calls it: UNIVERSAL RETREAT, along with the prayers of good wishes on the Four Immeasurable.
On Sunday after meditation Khenpo gave permission to speak again and we had a questions and answers session on the questions that had arisen during the retreat. Khenpo had left it for last, because he said that many of the questions that assail us would be resolved during meditation.
When we realized that we could talk it was strange. Somewhere in our mind we longed for the silence that had accompanied us for three days. We all agreed that it had not been hard. We had left wanting more. Many of the participants proposed a somewhat longer retreat which they would happily inscribe to in the future.
Amusing details are the notes, drawings, and symbols with which we communicated.

And finally a big thanks to the wonderful translation team, the kitchen team for feeding us all so well and all the volunteers who have helped make this retreat possible. Thank You to all.

Testimonial from another participant:

All I want to add is the sense of peace, satisfaction and love I have now returning home, even my neighbors have perceived it. They say that Nirvana is the ultimate, I do not know, but if it’s true then I can assure you that I feel as if I have been on a vacation there. I hope the stress of everyday life (Samsara) does not remove this pleasure. As I’m still feeling the joy.

Lama Khenpo Ngedön comment on Facebook

The universal high-quality retreat has been a great success. All participants were filled with happiness and joy. Most importantly, they have seen the value and power of spiritual knowledge.

The retreat was based on taking six votes as not to drink alcohol or take intoxicants, practice noble silence, take high-quality vegan food and no dinner.

There were about 10 hours of daily meditation practice Shanti Smrit Bhavana.

Thanks to the entire organization, to the excellent cook and the Karma Yoga practitioners and their good wishes.
Enjoy the pictures of the retreat.

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Meditation and Silence Retreat Experience Recently updated!
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